Open Level

This class is taught by:

Tim Miller

I’m from…..

New York, Rockland County and the Bronx area.

My education…….

BFA - School of Visual Arts,

“A Yogi’s Life” Teacher Training 300 HR , via The Yoga House with Michael Penque.

I love yoga because…..

It helps me to be at ease and most importantly to stay present in my life; It quite simply gives me the recipe for the good life.

My classes are…..

Grounding, meditative and exploratory. I want students to test their physically strength and cultivate a good heart.

When I’m not teaching….

I’m painting people’s houses, making art, and doing my yoga practice.

My favorite yoga pose….

“Gomukhasana” (Cow face pose) I like the opening that this posture gives to the shoulders and hips. I feel grounded and strong in this pose.

I’m inspired by……

My teachers and art: in all the forms that they may come.

Maria Kirsch

Studio Manager of The Yoga House

I’m from…

Rockland County, New York

My education…

A Yogi’s Life 300-Hour Teacher Training with Michael Penque - The Yoga House Certified in CranioSacral Therapy Certified Reiki Practitioner  


I love yoga because…

Yoga allows the individual to fully connect all three aspects of our being; mind, body and spirit. Working with the body to reach the mind and flow through spirit allows us all to focus inward and reach states of higher love, compassion, wisdom and understanding through our thoughts, our actions and our hearts. Higher wisdom and understanding allow for change and healing in all aspects of life.

My classes…

Are a journey through self, both physically and spiritually. Working with the body and the breath through the asanas to create a mentally meditative and emotionally healing space. I hope to create a lasting yogic experience that continues on outside of the studio, into the world, and into the student’s heart.

When I’m not teaching…

I am finding nature some way somehow. Whether it’s a few short minutes in the sun, a hike or a bike ride through the mountain, nature brings me a full sense of connectedness. Spending time with family and friends, reading, meditating, and of course, practicing asana.

My favorite yoga pose…

Tadasana. It’s an interesting pose for me, because even such a basic pose, a stance, can be difficult for my body and needs constant adjustment. To stand firm, tall and grounded, I need to be truly connected and aware of so many parts of my body all at once. When I do connect and settle in, I find such grounding and go into a meditative space with a sense of safety and security, as if I could never be knocked down!

I'm inspired by…

Life…the universe…the mind…the body…the heart…and how beautifully connected all things are.
I’m inspired by my many teachers, people closest to me and people farthest away. I’m inspired by the human capacity for love and understanding and complete and utter joy and laughter!

Eileen McCabe

I’m from…
New Jersey

My education…

300-Hour TYH Teacher Training with Michael Penque
Licensed Wellness Coach, Wellcoaches Corporation
American Council on Exercise Certified Group Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer
Master of Science, Electrical Engineering, Manhattan College
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Manhattan College

I love yoga because…
I personally have found healing and deeper meaning in my life through yoga, as both a practice and way of life.
My classes…
are welcoming, encouraging and challenging. My intention in every class is to provide the opportunity for my students to be healed of the stresses of daily life through their asana and meditation.

When I’m not teaching…

I am blessed to be coaching, spending time with my family, hiking with my two crazy dogs and reading books on the latest in neuroscience & mindfulness (seriously!)

My favorite yoga pose…

is Pigeon Pose. As a runner, tight hips and hamstring muscles make Pigeon Pose challenging (even painful in the early days). But, utilizing the breath and surrendering to this pose has helped me to experience the possibilities of yoga as something transformative.

I'm inspired by…

people’s generosity, the change of seasons, how the human brain works, my kids, my pooches, and most of all by my husband-selfless and caring, who gets up every day at 4:40 am and heads into his 14+ hour workday and never complains!

Michael Penque

I’m from...
Wyckoff, New Jersey

My Education...
BA in Music from Ithaca College
Conquering Lion Yoga Teacher Training 200 HR

Buddhist studies in various traditions since 1999

I love yoga because…
It’s a way for me to stay reminded of the person I want to be and how I want to live life. It’s so cool to me that yoga offers clear “practices” for developing a good heart, stilling the mind and gaining wisdom and understanding. It’s a kind of holistic science for being happy. I especially appreciate how in yoga practice, one uses the physical body to develop spiritually.

My classes are:
Welcoming, meditative, spiritually focused and physically challenging.

When I’m not teaching:
I’m doing behind-the-scenes work for The Yoga House, spending time with my wife Katie and sons Will and Lucas, playing music or doing asana or meditation practice.

My favorite yoga pose…
Kapotasana. It’s such a deep heart opener and remains a challenge even after a long time of consistent practice. To me it’s a perfect reflection of the continual challenge to live life with a heart that’s open to other people and to whatever I’m experiencing regardless of the circumstances.

I’m inspired by...
Time spent in nature, Tibetan Buddhist and other traditional spiritual teachings as well as people who are committed to living a life of kindness and wisdom.


Suitable for all levels, from beginners to advanced. Modifications and variations will be given for poses.
Explore linking the movement to the breath in this open level vinyasa class.

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