Dear students,

We thought it would be nice to share something about who we are and our vision for The Yoga House.


From Michael:
I discovered yoga through meditation practice in a quest to make the body more open so that the sitting would be more comfortable. I began studying asana and yoga philosophy with Nancy Allen in Brooklyn in 2006. As my practice deepened I felt inspired to teach and applied for the Conquering Lion Yoga Teacher Training in 2008. The Yoga House was founded in 2011 at the urging of my teachers with the vision of establishing a studio where I’d have the freedom to teach a more in-depth and complete practice that extends beyond the physical postures.

From Dee:
My entry into yoga was in 1997 at a prenatal class at Integral Yoga Institute in Manhattan. I practiced there avidly until moving out of NYC in 2000. I then switched to a home practice because I was unable to find a local studio that was a good spiritual fit for me. Twelve years later, a friend recommended a teacher, Michael Penque, who taught locally. Michael’s yoga class led me to a deepening spiritual path. I felt compelled to teach and share with others what I had discovered. Michael recommended me to the Conquering Lion Yoga teacher-training which prompted a career transition in order to teach full-time.


From both of us:
We have recently partnered for the move and expansion of The Yoga House to the new studio on Ash St. We are hoping that the beautiful, inviting and warm space becomes a home for the wonderful community of students to find holistic personal growth and healing. We created the studio that we would like to practice in. The Yoga House is a center where students can learn the inner and outer practices of yoga and use them to live a happier, healthier and more peaceful life.


Michael & Dee